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2022-2023 Kentucky Summative Assessment (KSA) Results for

2023 Kentucky State Assessment Results:

  Math Proficient Math Distinguished Reading Proficient Reading Distinguished
Elementary 31% 12% 26% 22%
Middle 26% 10% 30% 15%
High 27% 11% 32% 14%

Teacher Election Policy


SBDM Teacher Election Checklist

The following are the procedures for Meadow View Elementary School teacher elections.




Copies of the Duties and Responsibilities of a SBDM School Council member will be posted in the main office and the teachers’ workroom

48 hours before the nominations begin and throughout the nomination window.



Nomination forms will be created and placed in teachers’ school mailboxes. Included on this form will be the following information:


a.  Instructions for nomination

b.  The date nominations begin and end

c.  Location for nomination forms to be returned



The ballot will be drafted after the nomination period of seven days. All nominees will be asked if they will accept the position if elected, before drafting the ballot.  Nominees will be permitted to see the names of other nominees that have accepted before making a decision.



A copy of the ballot will be posted in the main office and the teachers’ workroom. A list of nominees’ names will be sent out via e-mail by a designated teacher.



Ballots will be distributed at a called faculty meeting. Nominees will be allowed to share with the faculty why they want to serve on the council. No more than five rounds of voting will be held at this called meeting.



Absentee ballots must be requested before voting. Request must be made in writing to the designated teacher.  When receiving an absentee ballet, a teacher may request to continue voting by text message in subsequent rounds.  When voting by text message, the vote will be counted only if received before the votes for that round are counted. 



Absentee ballots will be marked as an absentee ballot and returned in a sealed envelope to the designated teacher.



Teachers will be elected by a majority (i.e., more than half) of all teachers who will be assigned to the school.



Votes will be counted by a three-member team before any faculty member will be allowed to leave the meeting. Additional voting is necessary in the case of a tie vote or candidates do not garner enough votes for majority. Absentee votes will be counted by the three-member team for each round of elections.


In case of a tie vote or candidates do not garner enough votes for majority, the nominee with the least votes in round one will be removed from the ballot. The same process will be used through round five.



If needed, an additional day of voting would be set for two work days after the first day of voting. Subsequent voting days, teachers would report to election site, sign in to receive a ballot, vote, place ballot in box and then be allowed to leave.




At the conclusion of the elections, the nomination forms and ballots will be sealed in an envelope and given to the principal.