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2022-2023 Kentucky Summative Assessment (KSA) Results for

2023 Kentucky State Assessment Results:

  Math Proficient Math Distinguished Reading Proficient Reading Distinguished
Elementary 31% 12% 26% 22%
Middle 26% 10% 30% 15%
High 27% 11% 32% 14%

Library Book Checkout Policy

Meadow View Elementary

Library Book Check-out Policy 2018-19


Welcome to the Meadow View Elementary Library!   We are so excited that your student is a Meadow View Trojan.  We want Library time to be fun and we want your student to develop a love for reading.  During this school year, your student may be checking out books for the very first time and that is so exciting for them!  Checking out books is a privilege and with privilege comes responsibility. Checking out books is a great way to teach your student to be responsible.  Below are the library policies and a form to be signed by a parent or guardian before your student can begin checking out books from the library.


Parents/Guardians: Please read this carefully and sign only if you agree to the policies. Your child can begin checking out when the form is returned.


*Each student is allowed to check out two or three books at a time, for 4 school days unless

they owe money for a lost or damaged book. (1st grade can only check out two books at a



*Please look for overdue notices and reminders in each report card and at various times

throughout the school year.  This will let you know if your child has a book that is overdue

at the library and how much the book will cost if it is lost or damaged.  There is no fee if the book is returned without any damages.


*Books damaged beyond repair must be paid for or privileges to check out will be lost.


*Damaged books are to be cleaned and/or repaired only by the librarian. Please do not do this at home.


*Students who haven’t paid for or returned books by the last day for book returns in the

spring will lose privileges for field day. Report cards of students who still owe for library  

 books will not be sent out, but must be picked up by parents from the secretary’s office.


*If you move before you have a chance to return a book, please either return the book to our

school yourself, or if you are another Hardin County School, return it to the new school

  your student is attending. They will return it to us.


By signing this contract you and your parent/guardian agree to the rules and policies listed above for checking out books from the Meadow View Elementary Library for the 2018-2019 school year.


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  Print Student Name  (First and Last)   Parent/Guardian signature


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