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2022-2023 Kentucky Summative Assessment (KSA) Results for

2023 Kentucky State Assessment Results:

  Math Proficient Math Distinguished Reading Proficient Reading Distinguished
Elementary 31% 12% 26% 22%
Middle 26% 10% 30% 15%
High 27% 11% 32% 14%


Spending categories and munis accounting

Whenever possible in budgets and financial reports, we will use spending categories that will make sense to most stakeholders in our school, even if those categories are not part of the state and district accounting system known as “MUNIS.” 





The Budget Committee will develop a DRAFT BUDGET that:

  1. Lists dollar amounts.
  2. Addresses the expenses for fully implementing our School Improvement Plan and maintaining other programs at their current level. 
  3. Describes which sources will be used to cover each expense.
  4. Identifies any further expenses and needs that cannot be covered within currently expected funding or are not being met by the current budget.

The draft budget will be circulated for input to the school council, the school staff, and all parents serving on council committees.


The council will:

  1. Review the draft budget either in a regular or a special meeting.
  2. Identify areas that may need adjustment to further reflect school priorities, new spending information, stakeholder input on the impact of the proposed plan, or other relevant information. 
  3. Discuss whether the council needs to request Section 7 funding for additional expenses, and what needs would be designated for such funding.
  4. Charge the Budget Committee to write up the Section 7 requests for formal council adoption.
  5. Set a timetable for adopting a revised budget and official Section 7 requests that is compatible with any district timetable.




Implementation and monitoring



The principal (or principal designee) will:

  1. Ensure that all spending records required by the state and district are maintained.
  2. Submit a report to the council comparing planned spending, spending so far, outstanding purchase orders, and amount remaining available in each category – to the best of ability based on MUNIS reports.





Our school’s plans for professional development (PD) will be in alignment with state and national professional development standards.

Organization and Budget Considerations

  1. PD will be planned and carried out to meet the identified learning needs of:
    • The school as identified in the School Improvement Plan.
    • Individuals as identified in professional growth plans.
  2. Each year’s updated Improvement Plan will be approved by the council and include components with PD activities for three of the four PD days in the district calendar and other appropriate learning opportunities for teachers.
  3. Where needed to achieve the Improvement Plan goals, the components may also propose use of the flexible PD time option to replace some or all of those three days.  This proposal must be submitted by the council for Board of Education approval. 
  4. Any PD funds not needed to implement the Improvement Plan will be used with advance approval, which must be obtained before the professional development activities take place.  These activities may include:
    • Flexible professional development time needed to implement a staff member’s individual growth plan which must have principal approval, or
    • Other professional development that supports the Improvement Plan, which must have either council or principal approval.

In the event of conflicting approvals, priority will be given to individual growth plan needs approved by the principal.

  1. The council’s annual budget will identify resources available for each type of need.
  2. For needs identified in the Improvement Plan, the person listed in the Improvement Plan as responsible will make all the needed arrangements for the activity to take place and will complete purchase orders for any required expenditures.
  3. For needs identified in an individual professional growth plan, the individual identified in the growth plan will make any necessary arrangements and will complete any required purchase orders for expenditures.
  4. The principal (or principal designee) will check that each purchase order fits the funds available, respects any existing contracts or bid lists, and fits any other criteria established by the council.  If those requirements are met, he or she (or a designee) will complete the purchase and no further council approval will be needed.


Evaluation of PD Activities


  1. Any activity using PD funds will be evaluated by those participating immediately following the activity, or in the case of ongoing activities, at the end of the year.  Evaluations will be designed to indicate the following:
  • What the participant now knows or is able to do as a result of that particular PD activity, and
  • The quality and effectiveness of the activity.
  1. The principal (or principal designee) will report to the council on the results of all PD evaluations at least once a year to help inform future planning of PD activities.




Student support service choices will be made by updating the School Improvement Plan and adopting a budget that reflects that Plan each year.  The council will also consider recommendations made by any concerned party for additional services.


Extended School Services (ESS) funds will be used to support students who:


  1. Are at risk of being retained in a class or grade or of failing to graduate on time.
  2. Have continuing difficulty performing successfully in the instructional program appropriate to their age.
  3. Have continuing difficulty sustaining their present level of performance and are at on-going risk of falling behind.




We will evaluate the effectiveness of this policy through our School Improvement Planning Process.


Date Adopted:  _3-25-14__


Date Reviewed or Revised:  _____   Council Chairperson’s Initials _____


Date Reviewed or Revised:  _____   Council Chairperson’s Initials _____